Welcome to the Poetry Train.
Poetry Train
Poetry Train Members Group on the old site:

Selenas’ Art & Poetry

A society that promotes poetry and aims to reinstate a love for Poetry & Trains into the world. This site is under construction, but in the mean time, you can travel with us world wide, as we travel the world in search of Poetry, Poets, and Readers. We love the Railroad, and we love Trains.
the e railroad to Poets and Poetry.

Please join us on Youtube & Facebook, until a new site is available…



Rodney Mathews here, and Poetry sites
His Website:

Poet Igloo Bill to the United States of America August 12, 2015 at 11:12pm

Poet Igloo Bill to the House of Commons of Canada August 12, 2015 at 11:16pm

Photos and Text Are Clickable (Facebook Account Needed)

Interviews of Poets on the Poetry Train

Poetry E Trains’ America eRoute 2011/2012
Poetry E Trains' America eRoute 2011/2012

U.S.A. Poets on the Train

Poetry E Trains’ Canadian eRoute 2013/14/2015
Poetry E Trains' Canadian eRoute 2013/14/2015

Canada Poets on the Train

Poetry Train Spain 2014

Poetry Train Spain/ Poetry Train Spain YoutubePlaylist

Poetry Train Africa eRoute 2015/16 &c

Africa Poets on the Train

Facebook Poem Coupler: Clickable/Linkable

Add Your Book Here: Clickable


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