Welcome to Poetry Train.

The Poetry Train is a society that promotes poetry and aims to reinstate a love for the art in the everchanging modern world.

This site is under construction, but in the mean time, you can travel with us world wide, as we travel the world in search of Poetry, Poets, and Readers. We love the Railroad, and we love Trains.

On facebook.com, we have weekly postings from city to city as we slowly, not to seriously, roll down the e railroad to Poets and Poetry. We have movies, art, music, and leads to Open Mics, Reciting’s, Contests, Poetry Sites, Publications, and Pure Inspirations.

Promoting Poetry and Reinstalling the Love for Poetry into the World.

Please join us on Youtube & Facebook, until a new site is available…

  • (202) 707–3000 or 1 (877) 476–0778 (toll free)
  • Email
  • Address
      • 444 S. Church St #220
      • Princeton, IL, United States 61356

    BMI.com Repertoire# PoetryTrainMusic CA/IPI# : 682938498


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